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Introducing the S-Cargo Strap Tie Down System


The S-Cargo Strap Solution

- NO More Tangled Straps -

- NO More Loose Strap Ends -

- NO More Damage from Buckle or Loose Strap -

If you have ever hauled a Motorcycle, ATV, Boat, Snowmobile, Jet Ski or other cargo you have probably been frustrated by several drawbacks with standard S-hook cargo straps.

There are Three Main Problems with "Old-School" Tie-Downs 

Storage Standard S-Hook straps end up in a tangled mess when you store them in a bag, box, bucket or behind the seat of your truck. When you reach in for one strap you end up getting a tangled mess.


Loose Strap End - What do you do with the loose end of the strap after you have tied down the load? Most people wrap the loose end around and around the tight strap and tie it off (only to have it come loose later).


Damage - The loose buckle can easily cause damage when it hits that nice paint job. It can also rub against the load when you are driving and cause damage. And who wants the loose end of the strap flailing away at your precious cargo.

The Heart of the S-Cargo Strap is the Neoprene Pouch

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s-cargo strap 500 width